Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vintage Advertising Tin

Southern Lady's Saturday BlogHop is featuring Vintage Sharing of Our Choice this weekend.  So, I'm featuring this little Nyal Aspirin Advertising Tin that's in Flamingo K's Collectibles Studio.

Mom kept her sewing and embroidery needles in this and it's been living happily in her sewing box since the 50s' or maybe earlier.  Since it didn't get tossed about much and it lived in the dark most of the time, the colors and finish are in great condition considering it's age. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Vintage Love Saturday 11/20/10

Sourthern Lady's Vintage Blog sponsers Vintage Love Saturdays.  This weekend, the category is open, so there should be quite a variety of items.  Exciting.

This week I'm featuring a magazine from Flamingo K's Collectible Shop that my dearest hubby has had since it arrived in his mailbox -- Newsweek's edition of the Moon Landing in 1969.  For those of us who were around then, it was such an exciting time.  People all over held their breath as the ship launched and the astronauts stepped out of the capsule onto the moon.  No one knew what might happen, and we were glued to our TVs and radios.

Stores Going on Hiatus after Thanksgiving

I know, I know!  This is the absolute worse time to temporarily take my stores down, but it just can't be helped.  They'll be back online December 17th, and there will be plenty of time yet to ship for the Holidays.  Please continue to visit my Artfire Studios and feel free to place your orders, I just won't be able to respond, confirm, or fill your orders until December 17th because I will not have access to a computer before then.

Until then, I wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving, and happy holiday shopping.

-- Karen

Friday, November 12, 2010

Old Romance Novel - BlogHop Saturday

A recent biography by Forster
 Each Saturday, Southern Lady's Vintage has a BlogHop which features a theme which was voted on by her readers the previous week.  I just discovered her a couple of weeks ago, and have been participating.  Its been great fun.  This week Southern Lady's Saturday BlogHop is featuring Vintage Youth and Young Adult Novels for the week.  Now, I have no vintage novels hanging around on my bookshelves to show and tell, so I'm just going to share one of my favorite books from my youth.  Not to worry, it's a definite romance, but not a novel.  It's out of print, now, but it was "The Life of Elizabeth Barrett Browning" by Gardner B. Taplin, published in 1957. 

Now, I wasn't a prude, I read plenty of "True Romance" magazines that my best friend bought regularly, but my folks wouldn't have approved had they known.  However, we were assigned mandatory reading of biographies in Junior High, and I read plenty of them.  The first one I read was about this wonderful poet, Elizabeth Barrett, who created her masterpieces in the mid 1800s.  Miss Barrett was full of love sonnets before and after she met and fell in love with Robert Browning....truly a true romance, and captured my imagination.  Have any of you happened upon her life story, too?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Gift Idea for You Vintage Lovers

Vintage Kodak Foldout Camera
Christmas is bearing down on us, and perhaps you're stuck for a unique gift for someone.  How about a piece of Americana!  This is a great gift idea for that friend who has everything.  Its an Antique Kodak Bellows Camera in a leather case.  

It makes a great decorative piece for your den or a prop for your photography layout.  How about putting it with your collection of maps or suitcases from the turn of the century.  It looks great on a shelf with other collectibles of the period.  Let your imagination soar!

Find it at Flamingo K's Vintage Studio While you're there, check out all the vintage buttons.  We're adding more everyday!  You're sure to find something great to add a little pizazz to your Retro Project!
Opening the Camera
Camera Closed, Back View

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