Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Spankies, -- Market Monday

So it's Market Monday again over at Southern Lady's Market.  Here's what I'm showcasing this week....Handmade Baby Spankies, size 6 months.

The neon pink and the neon green ones are a Spandex/Nylon blend while the green with silver skulls are made from a Spandex/Cotton jersey.   If any of you read my blog, Flamingo K's Blogabout, you may remember the green and silver fabric from a posting from several months ago of a tshirt I made for my daughter, Katie, for a Halloween party.  I had enough left over for a few of these little spankies.  Aren't they cute!  I also have a pair of tiger striped ones and a cheetah print in Flamingo K's Handmade Studio.  Stop on by and see what's available.  They're on sale now for only $6.00....what a deal!

~~ Karen

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Southern Lady's Market said...

Those are cute!! Good luck with them and thanks for joining in on Market Monday!