Monday, January 17, 2011

Childs Opal Ring - Market Monday

Antique Child's Opal Ring
It's Market Monday already!  My how the weeks fly by.

This week I'm featuring this lovely Antique Child's Ring with a gemstone.  It was in my mother-in-law's things when she passed a few years ago.  We think it was her's or maybe her Mom's, which would date it back to the 1920s or before.  We're not sure about the stone, however, to me it looks like it could be an opal by its luster and coloration..  Mom's birth-month was October, so that adds further credence that it's an opal. 

Be sure to check out Southern Lady's Market Monday to see what other folks are featuring.  It's always fun to window shop.


Southern Lady's Market said...

Thanks for joining in!!

Anonymous said...

nice ring