Sunday, January 23, 2011

1975 Hot Wheels Sportster -- Vintage Saturday

Who remembers the 70’s?  Uh…I remember some of it.  
Did you or your child collect Hot Wheels?  We did!
I had two little boys that dumped every dime they could earn into a new car.  Last year they claimed their faves and took them home leaving me with the rest, so I’ve placed the rest in Flamingo K’s Collectibles Studio (and I have a mess of them to share with ya’ll the next few weeks.)  Here’s one of my favorites…a 1975- issued Sportster.  Isn’t that a cool lookin’ car!  Now, how one was to see over the engine while in the driver’s seat might have been a bit of an issue, but, heck, when you’re speedin’ down the drag track, who cares what’s ahead (grin).
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Karen Schurr

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