Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Introducing Chantilly and Pearls

   I'm really excited to announce my new Shop on Zibbet called Chantilly and Pearls.
   (Watch for Wedding Wednesdays to start soon.)
   For a few weeks now I've been working on some new wedding items for my Artfire Handmade Studio.  However, with more thought, I came to the conclusion that it might be better to keep a more narrow scope to my marketing.  So I decided to design a new Studio just for wedding gear.  Since Artfire no longer offers free memberships, I took my studio over to Zibbet.  For now, I'm trying it out as a free listing site, but if there seems to be interest, I'll go "Pro".
   I'm still stocking the store, but have a few items up and running that I was able to import from Artfire.  I'll be taking pictures and writing up descriptions over the next several days, so it'll be awhile before I'm fully stocked.  Yet, I invite you to stop by and give me your thoughts -- good or bad.  I'm always making typos and flubbing up my grammar, so I'd greatly appreciate any input you might have. 
~~ Karen
            Chantilly and Pearls Wedding

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