Sunday, March 27, 2011

Old Keys - Market Monday

This week's feature for Market Monday is this lot of old keys....some are older than others...and there is an old hotel leather fob to boot.  These came from my dad's garage and opened various doors and started many boats and cars that are no longer in existence.  You can find them at Flamingo K's Collectibles along with many other fun things from the past. 

On SALE Now for $5.60!  What a good deal for you crafters out there!

** Since Market Monday didn't occur, I posted this to Vintage Love Saturday.  And, the SALE continues.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bridal or Prom Bag

Just finished this pretty bridal bag (6"x8").  Great for Prom, too!  It's made from an elegant peachy-ivory ruched fabric lined in white and cinched in the center with a white satin ribbon.  Its adorned with white satin lace and just a smattering of pearls. 

You can find it and other handmade bridal items at Chantilly and Pearls Bridal Shop at Zibbet.   

Monday, March 14, 2011

Anyone for Dominoes? - Market Monday

Here's a nice set of dominoes brought here from the Bahamas.  This is a complete set which comes in it's own plastic case.  I have it listed in Flamingo K's Vintage and Ephemera.

While you're out cruising, checkout the rest of the gang at Southern Lady's Market Monday.  There's always interesting items showcased there every Monday.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

301 Radical Racer -- Vintage Love Saturday

Here's another in my collection of diecast cars.  This is a 1969 edition called the Radical Racer.  

This one has the lift ability so you can see the engine.  Radical!

Check out the rest of the collection at Flamingo K's Vintage ... there are other cool cars there to add to your  collection.  

Also be sure to check out the other cool things at Southern Lady's Vintage Love Saturday.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Denim Fabric -- Market Monday

I'm destashing in preparation for moving (hopefully) I've decided I probably won't be making that denim quilt I planned on years ago.  So I'm parting with my stash of used jeans legs.  

There are various sizes and colors of jeans in this stash totaling more than 30 sets of 4 legs, with most of the pieces 36" long or longer.  I've already trimmed all the seams and hems, so much of the work is already done....anyone who has cut up a pair of jeans knows there's alot of rigorous cutting involved. 

You can find these at my Collectibles Artfire Store, Flamingo K's Collectibles.  These are also featured at Southern Lady's Market Monday blog...check it out here.
~~ Karen
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Orange Funny Car - Vintage Love Saturday

   This week I'm showcasing this one-owner funny car from Flamingo K's Vintage Hot Wheels Collection. This is made in 1979 under the Hot Wheels logo in Hong Kong.  I have many different cars and trucks in this collection that you can choose from.  As always, I will combine shipping if you order multiples of the same type of items. Be sure to hop on over to Southern Lady's to see what the Vintage Lovers are showcasing this week.