Friday, April 8, 2011

Arriving soon

We just listed our home for sale, so I'm going through all the old things I've been holding onto since my childhood and trying to divide the things I wanted to hand down to my kids.  The rest of the things I'm just going to place in my Collectibles Shop for other afficiendaos of vintage to enjoy.  Today, I'm taking my old Betsy Westsy to the local doll museum to see if its worth replacing her sad hair. 

I'm still researching prices, but wanted to share some recent finds, so decided this week to post some of the pictures I've been taking.  These items aren't in the Shop yet, but will be soon.

My childhood neighbor had a large collection of "Mammy" collectibles.  I bought this one from her estate.  It hung next to her kitchen sink for as long as I could remember.  She was such a dear dear lady.

I went to see this play on our class trip to New York in 1970.  Ethel Merman was just wonderful!

My mom bought each of my kids a Melamine place setting.

This little knife is the only piece remaining from our Bakelite place settings when I was small.

We had a summer cottage on a popular lake and Dad had a Lyman speedboat.  This is the lock from the boathouse.  The key was kept on a large piece of driftwood which would float in case it fell in the water.  I'm not sure if I still have the key or not...still looking through all this stuff.

Our cottage had a back porch enclosed in small jalousy (sp?) windows.   On the knotty pine walls hung these shoes Dad got on his journeys while in the Navy.

My Aunt embroidered this for me and Mom kept it hanging on the wall for when company came.  (I remember back to when I was five)

These were in my mother's jewelry box and were given to me when she died. 

I found this several years ago in my Dad's cabinets when he died.  It still had some polish, and I just kept it to touch up some of those scratches on his furniture.  Yeah, I found it in the back of my cupboards last week.  I know its from at least the 1970s....most likely the 60s.  I dumped out the fluid, just the residue remains inside the bottle giving it its dark color.

This is one of a pair I remember my mother crocheting.  She had them in the kitchen and after she died, Dad used them until he gave them to me in 1980s.  I wonder what happened to the other one.  
 So this is what I've gotten photographed and edited so far.  There is much much more to be done yet.  I found alot more buttons, some jewelry, knives, baby clothes, advertising, topo and geographic maps, boat flags, and much more.  I have the cedar chest to go through yet, so I'll have many weeks of sharing ahead of me. 

If anyone would like to share with me some reference sites, I would really appreciate any help you can offer.  I'm not in the "business", so i don't have many resources, and its been hard for me to find any info about some of these things.  See ya'll next week....
~~ Karen
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Rolling Stone - Market Monday

So, what is with Blogger loading pictures on their sides?  Sheesh.  Sorry about that, folks.

It's Market Monday over at Southern Lady's Market Monday site.  Here's this weeks' offering...

A real real collector's find.  The 20th edition of the Rolling Stone Magazine.  It's in good used condition with only a mild usage showing.  It comes with an insert of all the covers of the Magazine from 1967 through 1987.  All this Rock n' Roll for just $8.60!
You can find this and lotsa other fun finds at Flamingo K's Collectibles.
I've recently discovered many new memorabilia items while getting my home ready to list for sale.  I'll be photographing these and posting them over the next few days.  Keep an eye out, or add my Artfire Shop to your RSS feed.  Among some of the items I'm parting with is my old Betsy Wetsy Doll, dresses I wore as a baby in the 50s, and an antique Yale railroad padlock.